What pets do you care for?
We can care for dogs, cats, bunnies, small, medium and large-sized animals (birds, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, pot belly pigs, mini goats, chickens, and horses.

Are you bonded and insured?
Yes, all of our Independent Contractor’s are screened,  bonded and insured through the company’s Liability Insurance company.

Will you meet me and my animals before pet sitting begins?
Yes, after you contact us we will set up a time to meet you and your pet, go over all the details of caring for your home and pets while you’re away, complete company paperwork required prior to starting any new pet sits and answer any questions you may have.

Will Pet Sitters Be Watching my Pet?
The pet sitter you meet at your initial interview will be your permanent pet sitter unless they take a vacation or leave the company. In that case, they will notify you at least 14 days in advance and another pet sitter from the company will fill in for them.How many dogs does a pet sitter walk at one time? We walk a maximum of three dogs at a time.

Why do you need a Local Emergency Contact Person?
In case you are unreachable this family or friend should be able to make decisions on your behalf for the care of your pet.

Who should be my Emergency Contact Person?
You should consider friends or family members who live nearby and can reach you or your pets fast. Make sure they have keys, necessary codes or other information10OOK to access your home, grab the pets and evacuate.  


Can you give medications to my pets?
Yes, we can give oral medication. We also provide insulin injections for diabetic animals. Please let us know prior to the initial consultation if that is needed. Also, we have over 30 years plus of experience in veterinary care.

How do you handle my keys?
Client confidentiality is our priority. We have an identification process for client keys which removes the need for our client’s name or address to be associated with the key. 

When is payment due, and what forms of payment do you accept?
At the initial consultation, we will go over billing and payment. Or call us today.

We accept cash and personal checks. All checks need to be made out to A Leg Up Pet Sitting LLC.

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What happens if my trip lasts longer than expected?
We will continue to care for your pet until we have an email or phone call from you confirming that you are home. We ask that you please call us to let us know of delays or changes of plans as soon as possible.

How can I be sure you’ll remember my visits?

You will receive a confirmation from your pet sitters 3-4 days before you leave, so you know that we have not forgotten your pet.

 Do you provide overnight pet sitting in our home?

It is on a case by case basis. Please call us to discuss more in detail.




What happens if my dog barks and growls at you when you arrive at my home to start pet sitting?

We always conduct an orientation visit prior to starting service. We like to be able to meet your dogs and let them get our scent prior to arriving to start our pet assignment.

  • If your dog barks and is fearful and nervous, we will be patient and wait for them to initiate interaction with us.
  • However, we do not provide service to households with aggressive dogs. Our goal is to provide loving care to pets that need us.

Can I give my pet sitter a tip?
Tips are very much appreciated, but not necessary.

Do you offer extended pet sit request discounts?
Yes, we sure do. Please call or email for details.


**Have additional questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact Kathy Reid at kathiereidsc@gmail.com. She will be able to address any concern you may have. **