Who We Are


We know how important consistency is for the well-being of your pet. We pride ourselves on fulfilling our obligations to all of our clients. One thing you can count on is that we stand by our word and will provide exceptional customer service.



I was raised with pets and remember the feeling of having to take them  to the kennel  when we went on family  trips.  We would always worry about them  while we were away.   I worked at Catawba Animal Hospital for 12 years and during my tenure there began pet-sitting.  My employers were very encouraging and saw value in the service that I provided.  

 rock hill

I was highlighted in an article in The Herald and loved meeting so many people and their pets.   I worked at Lesslie Animal Clinic for 7 years and left there in February of 2014 to begin my business.

Pets are a very important part of my family.  We treat your pets like our pets while you are away.  We understand the love and concern you have for them and do everything we can to ensure their happiness and well-being.  Because of the veterinarian background of myself and one of my associates, we can give educated advise and care when necessary.

I have always been a pet-sitter even while working full time. One thing that has never changed through the years is the fact that pet owners HATE leaving their pets in a boarding facility.